Dance the Night Away with a Twilight Memories Prom

twilight-memories-prom-decorating-kitBeautiful color combinations make for stunning proms. Black and gold is a perfect color scheme for an elegant prom and Stumps Prom & Party’s Twilight Memories Kit includes wonderful black and gold prom decorations to create a venue perfect for lasting memories.

The Twilight Memories Kit includes a sophisticated stretch arch, a decorative stretch screen, two modern luminescent columns (gold and black), an 8 ft lighted wire star, two gleaming brilliance parasols (gold) and two exquisite lamps (black).

We created a base for the decorating kit with gray and white checkered flat paper to make a ballroom floor, accented with black and gold metallic balloons. We draped white gossamer in sheaths from the ceiling and added drops of twinkle light strings and a die cut star curtain to create a breathtaking background.

Use the sophisticated stretch arch to create a beautiful entrance to your event. The arch is made of stretch fabric covering a metal frame and stands 7 feet 7 inches long and 8 feet 2 inches high. Students will love entering your event through the arch and taking commemorative photos.

Create a fuller look and break up space using the modern luminescent column set. The columns stand 8 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter and are constructed of stretch fabric covering a sturdy frame. Accent the columns with glow necklaces linked together and wrapped around the column for a simple, fun effect. These columns can be reused for tons of events too!

Divide space elegantly with the decorative stretch screen. The angled screen is 8 feet wide and 7 feet tall on the tallest end and 5 feet 11 inches high on the shorter end. The decorative screen stretch venue decor is wonderful paired with a spotlight projecting your prom slogan and logo.

Use the silver lighted star to illuminate the entrance to your dance floor. The star is 8 feet tall and 2 feet wide and is accented with 350 lights.

The gleaming brilliance parasols and exquisite floor lamps are a great finishing touch. The parasols look wonderful suspended from the ceiling. They measure 3 feet 8 inches in diameter and add an elegant touch. The exquisite floor lamp adds a romantic glow to the dance floor. The lamp stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and is made from a steel frame accented with paper.

Top the whole scene off with decorations like stylish stretch diamonds and elegance lanterns!

As soon as you’ve designed your prom decorations, design a memory booklet for students to treasure prom night with. The Memory Booklet is a prom tradition created right here at Stumps Prom! For this theme, we recommend the Translucent Prom Night Booklets. The cover includes a print with various prom-themed words and the inside includes your custom content! Check out our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas on how to design your memory booklet.

Finally, send students home with a gorgeous favor such as our Etched Elegance Banded Glitter Gel Candle. The beautiful glassware item is customized with an etching of your prom information and filled with purple gel at the bottom, clear gel on the top and gold glitter. All of our glassware items and candles are fully customizable!

Check out all of our current prom themes and let us help you plan the prom of your dreams!

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