Make the Most of Prom Promise

silver-chic-ticket-prom-key-tagProm Promise is a great way to create a sense of common purpose toward a safe prom night for your students. Creating some positive peer pressure and a community dedicated to making safe and healthy decisions is an important lesson as well as a way to prevent prom night tragedies or regrets.

Traditionally, prom promise involves students signing a contract not to drink or have sex on prom night, but there are plenty of ways to make a prom promise an integral part the build up to your prom.

Use seamless paper in your school or prom colors to cover a wall and have students sign the prom promise on the wall. Make it even more poignant by having them write a personal message about why they’re signing or remembering someone they knew who was affected by a substance-related accident.

Use red flat paper to cut out hearts and have students sign the prom promise on them. Suspend the hearts from the ceiling in your hallway.

Enter the names of students who sign the prom promise into a drawing for prizes such as discounted prom tickets, restaurant gift certificates, limo coupons, personalized travel mugs, or other fun promotional items.

Have a police officer come in to talk to students about the consequences of irresponsible decisions on prom night. This talk will be especially effective if the officer doesn’t just try to scare students, but tries to relate and express care to them as well.

Hand out key tags, such as our Silver Chic Ticket Key Tag, to students who sign the prom promise. If students use the key tags it will become a visible reminder to all of the students who are pledged to making good decisions too.

Check out all of our prom tips for more ideas about how to plan a prom night to remember!

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