Use Arches in Prom Decorations for Elegant Entrances

sophisticated-stretch-arch-prom-decorationArches make a beautiful decoration for your prom. They’re perfect for making a stunning entrance to the event, dressing up photo settings, or accenting various sections of the venue. Stumps Prom has several styles of arches and gates in classic or themed designs to help you create just the decorating look you want.

Our Starry Night Arch is a great decoration for a star themed or simple, elegant event. The star-shaped arch is 11 feet high and 11 feet 6 inches wide and is lined with twinkle lights. The arch is available in black or blue. The Celestial Balloon Arch is a fun alternative for a lighter look.

The Secret Garden Trellis with Gate is a simply stunning addition to your garden or fairytale themed prom.

Our Sophisticated Stretch Arch is a simple arch that makes a perfect addition to virtually any theme. The arch is 7 feet 7 inches tall and 8 feet 2 inches wide and is constructed of stretch fabric over a metal frame. You can accent the arch with gossamer, garland, twinkle lights or tons of other decorations to customize it for your event.

The Secret Garden Metallic Gate is a simple, metal structure perfect for photo settings. Accent it with decorative fabrics, garland or twinkle lights to customize it for any theme. The gate is 7 feet tall and 3 feet 4 inches wide, constructed from black metal.

The Into the Night Arch makes for a show-stopping entrance. The 9 feet tall and 8 feet wide metal arch is accented with twinkle lights for a soft glow, perfect for entering the dance floor!

Check out all of our prom decorations, including our wide-selection of decorative arches, for more ideas!

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