Create Glassware Favors with a New Twist

2009-stem-flute-glitter-mix-gel-candle-prom-favorGlassware items are a classic prom favor. Simple, elegant glassware adds a touch of class to your event, but you can create prom favors with a new, contemporary twist by adding candles to your glassware!

Simply choose your glassware item from our wide selection of flutes, hurricane glasses, champagne glasses, embassy glasses, and other stemware. Then, design your custom imprint with a logo and personalized wording. Then, choose a candle to be put inside the glassware. We have a wide selection of gel and wax colors in a variety of colors, scents and textures. You can even create a banded candle of two or three colors or a candle with confetti on top.

Our Stem Flute Glitter Mix Gel Candle is a beautiful choice. The stem features the year and the inside of the glassware is full of a glittery gel candle. Add your own custom imprint!

As an alternative, the Stem Flute Wax Candle is an elegant candle, especially with dark wax such as navy or black.

An Embassy Glass makes a sweet, simple choice. Choose a bright colored candle for the inside and your candle will be a great, festive favor.

An Elegant Swirl Charleston has a beautiful shape, perfect for turning into a candle too!

Checked out banded candles such as our Etched Elegance Banded Glitter Gel Candle. Banded colors are perfect for creating subtle effects or the appearance of a bubbly beverage top.

Check out all of our glassware favors for more ideas and gorgeous options. We have tons of other personalized prom favors too!

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