Rock Around the Clock with a Rock the Night Away 1950’s Prom

rock-the-night-away-fifties-prom-kitA 50’s-themed prom is always a fun idea! Stumps Party has plenty of 1950’s themed prom kits to help you transform your prom venue into a sock-hop, drive-in, or rockin’ diner.

Our Rock the Night Away kit is perfect for creating a fun, festive diner look for your prom. This entertaining kit includes a Hot Rod Pick-up standee, a Rock-N-Roll Diner decoration, two Rock-N-Roll Diner columns, a set of record murals, a 1950’s Roadster standee, a 1950’s Billboard standee and a motorcycle standee.

Create a focal point and backdrop for your prom using the Rock-N-Roll Diner. The diner stands 9’ 8” tall and 22’ wide. The window area even folds back so you can even serve food from the diner window! It’s perfect for setting the scene at your prom.

Position the Rock-N-Roll Diner columns such that they frame the diner. Each column measures 7’ 4” tall. The column’s checkerboard base ties it into the checkboard base of the diner while the musical note mylar balloon speaks to the evening’s music-influenced theme.

Continue the musical influence of the evening with the eye-catching Record Mural set. This set contains 44″ cardboard mock-ups of that decade’s music format of choice – the LP. These cardboard LP’s are perfect for spreading around the space by suspending them from the ceiling or by mounting them on the walls.

The Hot Rod Pick-up, 1950’s Roadster, 1950’s Billboard and motorcycle standees are great for making your venue really pop. The Hot Rod Pick-Up standee measures 3’ 10” tall and 7’ 3” wide. The Roadster standee measures 3’ 4” tall and 7’ 4” wide. The Motorcycle standee is 3’ 9” tall and 6’ wide while the Billboard is 6’ tall and 2’ 10” wide. Any combination of these standees works perfectly to create the ideal background for prom photos. Spread the standees throughout the space to give students great props for candid shots throughout the night. You can even place a couple of the transportation-related standees at the entrance to announce the transition into the 1950’s decade.

Accent the entire space with music note mylar balloons. Make impressive music note bouquets by adding Stumps Party musical notes latex balloons to the music note mylar balloons. Tie these balloon bouquets to chairs and tables or anchor them to various places with the help of foil balloon weights. Stumps Party carries these balloon weights in ten different colors and come in a package of six weights.

Welcome students to the prom or help students better find both food and picture areas with one or more personalized 50’s Drive-in signs. Each sign measures 11′ high and 5′ wide.

Ensure that your tables maintain the theme of the evening. First, cover the tables with the fun Rock & Roll metallic fringe tablecloth. Then, top it off with a Sock Hop metal centerpiece.

After choosing your prom decorations, choose a memory booklet to make the night last even longer. The memory booklet is a prom tradition created right here at Stumps Party! For this theme, we recommend the celebrate the 50s booklet. Imprint the front with your choice of design and three lines of wording in black.

Give students the opportunity to have the perfect frame for their perfect prom picture. Advertise the Stumps Party custom creation fifties pure adoration frame that students can order the night of the prom in the prom picture area. Sponsor a before-prom contest that would allow someone to win one of these personalized frames. To determine the winner, hold a small sock hop dance contest during lunch hour. Make sure to use 50’s music!

For all of your before, during and after prom needs – Stumps Party has got you covered. Wherever your imagination can take you we will meet you there with all that you need.

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