Heat Up the Night with a Wild West Themed Prom

night-in-the-old-west-prom-decorationsA Western theme prom is a fun idea that is great for spring! Stumps Prom has tons of Western themed decorations such as our Night in the Old West Kit perfect for transforming your venue into the Wild Wild West.

The Night in the Old West Kit includes an Old West Bank and Trust, Old West Jail, Old West Hotel, Old West Livery and a Wild West Entrance.

Create a backdrop for your Night in the Old West prom by covering the walls with a photo mural such as our Desert Evening Mural, perfect for setting the scene. Cover the floor with sand colored flat paper to create a desert look.

Set up the Old West Bank and Trust to create a focal point for your event. The standee is 10’ tall and 9’10” wide. Add the Old West Jail (9’ tall x 7’4” wide), Old West Livery (8’1” tall x 9’11” wide) and Old West Hotel (9’6” tall x 9’10” wide) to make the whole scene. The standees are constructed from sturdy cardboard and are free standing. The doors on the Livery and hotel can be positioned opened.

Use the Wild West Entrance for a great entrance and photo setting. The entrance consists of a 9’ tall and 8’ wide fence with a gate featuring your own wording on the sign topper. Students will love taking commemorative photos under the arch.

Accent the theme kit with plenty of western accents such as lanterns, hay bales, ropes, cowboys hats, bandanas, and other themed gear. This is a great theme to really have fun decorating with.

After you’ve chosen your decorations, create a memory booklet for savoring the memories of prom. The Create-a-Booklet option allows you to select color and design options for the cover, and custom content for the inside pages. Consult our Memory Booklet Tips for ideas on how to fill the booklet.

Send students home with a personalized prom favor they’ll keep and use for years. We suggest the Message Board Frame. The message board has a space for their 3 1/2″ x 5” photo and is imprinted with your prom information. The cork board includes four star shaped push pins.

Check out our Western Themed Post-Prom Tips too!

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  1. I could definitely see some super cute gingham dresses here!

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