Host a Vintage Themed Prom for Retro Romance

vintage-prom-theme-kitA vintage-themed prom is perfect for mxing classic cool and old-school romance. Vintage is big in fashion right now, which makes it perfect for coordinating with beautiful prom gowns. Stumps Prom has a variety of retro themed prom supplies perfect for coordinating to create a vintage themed prom that’s just your style.

Create a backdrop for your event with the Manhattan At Night Photo Mural. The black and white photo creates an old-school look perfect for setting the mood. The mural measures 8’3” by 13’8” and is great for covering entire walls.

Our As Time Goes By Prom Kit is a great option for creating a complete package that can then be customized with accents for just the vintage look you want to create. The As Time Goes By Theme Prom features beautiful clocks and arches in a beautiful black and white color scheme. The Waltzing Couples Standees add an extra special touch.

We also have 1920’s, 1950’s and 1970’s theme kits if you want your vintage prom to fit with a specific decade.

Accent your prom focal point decorations with items such as old world 1920’s lampposts, top hats and bow tie borders, vintage 1920’s banners, and tons of drapes and swags made from gossamer decorating material. Keep decorations simple but full. Consulting encyclopedias and archives for an idea of specific vintage trends you’re interested in can really help you determine which color schemes and themes you want to capture. Great vintage color schemes include brown and orange, black and red, pink and black and black and brown. Keeping colors subtle such as black and white or sepia tones is another great idea.

manhattan-at-night-photo-mural Be sure to advise your DJ about your vintage theme in advance, asking him or her to find music to fit with your era. To tie the decorations into the music, place a Record Player Centerpiece on each table. They’re fun and retro!

After deciding on your decorations, choose a memory booklet to help students commemorate their beautiful prom night. For this theme a classic memory booklet placed inside a Top Hat Confetti Booklet Cover is a fantastic choice. Your booklet cover will be imprinted with your custom wording and the inside printed with your custom content.

Finally, top the theme off with a prom favor such as a classic glassware item custom imprinted with your event logo and slogan. For a fun door prize, give out disco ball key tags to tie in to the retro theme.

Check out all of our prom decorations and prom favors for more ideas on how to create your vintage themed prom!

One response to “Host a Vintage Themed Prom for Retro Romance

  1. Black and white has always been so classy! Especially when you add just a splash of color!

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