Let the Good Times Roll with a High Roller Casino Theme Prom

high-roller-theme-prom-kitAdd some vibrant colors and gaudy flair to your prom with a casino theme. Nothing says fun quite like Vegas. Stumps Party has several great kits to help you transport your prom to a high stakes casino. The High Roller decoration kit is just one great option.

The kit includes a High Roller arch, a pair of High Roller columns, three giant chip standees, a slot machine standee, two movie spotlights and two exotic metallic palm trees.

For a decorative base for your prom kit, cover the walls in drapes of red gossamer and the floors with black flat paper for walkways.

Create an entrance and a gorgeous focal point for your event using the High Roller arch. The arch stands 10′ tall and 12′ wide and is made from corrugated cardboard. Plus, it’s accented with twinkle string lights for a special touch. Students can take fun commemorative photos under the arch to remember the event.

Accent the arch using the High Roller columns. They stand 10′ 8″ tall and 2′ wide and are topped off with printed playing cards. They’re perfect for filling out your decorations and subtly dividing up space.

Add the High Roller chips for a fantastic themed accent. The chips are 3′ 10″ tall and are printed with your own personalized wording.

The Hit the Jackpot slot machine is another fun accent. It adds a realistic touch to your Vegas decorations. The slot machine stands 5′ 6″ tall and 3′ 3″ wide and is printed on cardboard.

Use the movie spotlights to add some flair to the Vegas scene. The 3′ tall and 30″ wide light does not illuminate but it adds a fun themed decoration to your kit.

Top it all off with the exotic metallic palm trees. The trees are constructed from mylar and tubing and green metallic fringe. They come in assorted heights, the tallest standing 8′ 4″ tall.

Check out our full assortment of prom theme decorations to select all the decorative accents you need for your event, from background materials to centerpieces.

Create memory booklets for students to use as keepsakes from their prom. For this theme the custom creation booklet is a great choice. Select the theme design and customized wording for the cover along with other personalized content for the inside. Check out our memory booklet tips for ideas on how to fill your memory booklets.

Stumps Party has tons of personalized prom favors for sending students home with lovely mementos from their prom night. For this theme we suggest the custom creation metal CD case which features a bright casino photo on the metal lid and can be personalized with your words on the front.

Check out all of our casino event theme prom decorations and let us help you make your prom a night to remember!

One response to “Let the Good Times Roll with a High Roller Casino Theme Prom

  1. hey I was wondering could you give me some idea’s on what to wear at a casino themed prom thank you and hope you email me back….

    Thank you,

    Bailey Ewing

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