Personalized Key Tags Make Perfect Favors for Any Event

themed-key-tagsPersonalized key tags make perfect favors for any event. They’re practical and budget-friendly and make a great way for students to remember their prom, graduation, championship or other achievement. You can also sell them for fantastic fundraisers!

A Brushed Silver Curved Key Tag is a simple item that works for just about any event. The back can be imprinted with your personalized logo and wording. They’re accented with a sweet, sparkly rhinestone at the top too. Use this item for honors banquets, graduations and more.

For an extra-personalized item, try a Photo Locket Key Tag. The outside of the silver metal key tag can be imprinted with your logo and on the inside students can add their own photos. The simple, chic key tag is sure to be a treasured keepsake.

For a more practical option, try our Star Bracelet Key Tag. The black rubber bracelet keychain features a silver prom and stars imprint. It’s perfect for keeping track of keys easily.

The Personalized Photo Key Tag with Prom Charm is another fun option. The clear, acrylic keychain holds a 2×3 photo and can be personalized with your own wording imprinted on it. It features a cool Prom charm for commemorating the night.

The Snap Photo Mirror Key Tag is a great option for quick freshening up on the go. Students can add their own 1 3/8” x  7/8” photos to the inside and you can personalize the outside with your own wording.

For a simple key tag that makes a big impact, try our Dazzling Key Tag. It features four elegant square rhinestones. Customize the key tag with your event information for a unique keepsake.

The Stellar Key Tag is a simple, sweet star-shaped key tag that is great for honors banquets, dances, or graduation favors. You can personalize the key tag with your school name or event details.

We have tons of themed key tags to fit a themed prom, homecoming, or other event. Each of our key tags features a simple, elegant themed design and can be customized with your own logo and/or wording.

Check out all of our personalized key tag favors for more ideas!

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