Use Technology for Easy Prom Planning

My-Prom-View-360Use technology to make your prom planning go more smoothly. Students are already saavy at using social networking technology—think Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.—so you can use these skills to your advantage when planning and promoting your prom.

Here are our top tips for using technology to plan your prom.

1.    Create Spreadsheets. Use a spreadsheet to map out your prom budget, purchases, needs, ticket sales, and contacts. Be sure to keep both a hard copy and a digital back up just in case.

2.    Communicate. Create a Facebook group for your prom committee and use the discussion boards and the wall to communicate with each other even when you’re not in a meeting. You can even make the group secret so that only those on the committee can see it and none of your surprises will be spoiled. Stumps Party has a Prom Forum where you can talk to our prom planners and other students for more ideas and support.

3.    Google. Do you Yahoo? Use the internet to come up with prom ideas. Our prom blog has tons of tips for creating your dream prom. Search our prom site for exactly the decorations you need. You can even see the decorations up close.

4.    Blog and Tweet. Create your own prom blog to keep students posted on how their prom is progressing. This can be a great way to make everyone feel involved in the big event. Use a Twitter page to advertise important details quickly and easily. Follow Stumps Party on Twitter.

There are tons of ways technology can make your prom planning go more smoothly. Tell us your ideas!

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