Stumps Makes Double Eagle at USGA Golf Championship

We are proud to be asked to be a part of the most recent USGA Women’s State Team Championship held at Sycamore Hills Golf Club. We were approached by the organizing committee at Sycamore Hills about how we could help make this first National Championship for the club unique and special. After several discussions and brainstorming sessions, our team went to work in putting together the winning combination for the championship.

Since the tournament was drawing women’s golf champions from all 50 states, we knew that we had to make a big impression and make the competitors feel truly welcome. So, of course, we started with our giant event banners that welcomed the players at the airport as they arrived, in baggage claim, along the highways, in their host hotels and of course at the tournament site itself. The banners were used for welcomes, thank you’s to sponsors and for informational purposes as well for attendees. Quick, easy and they made a huge impact.
We were then asked to help solve the challenge of signage and information at the tournament location and on the course directing players, officials and spectators. Our custom personalized square yard signs proved to be the perfect solution and met the exacting standards of the USGA. With almost 100 of the signs deployed, we know that all of the guests never lost their way (unless they hit an errant shot into the woods).

Sycamore Hills challenged us to be creative and so we also developed a line of locker murals customized for each player that greeted them with their name, photo of the course and their state flag. The ladies loved them so much they started writing notes and messages to each other on their murals and they became a keepsake item for them to take home with them as well as a functional and impactful way to decorate lockers.

The players, of course, deserved favors for their memorable accomplishment of qualifying for this national championship and so we customized one of our frame favors by using a photo of one of the beautiful holes at sycamore hills, added the championship logo and personalized each frame for the 150 guests. The club used a digital photo taken of the team upon arrival and then inserted the finished photo into the frame as a perfect take home favor at the end of the tournament. 

We were proud to be a part of such a special event and to make it one to remember for the club, the players and the fans. We hope that as you host special events for clubs, charities, or organizations that you will think of the Stumps Party team as your celebration and event experts ready to help you with creative and impactful solutions all in one place.

 All the best, Shep

2 responses to “Stumps Makes Double Eagle at USGA Golf Championship

  1. It was great working with Jacquie on this project. Everything worked out beautifully. She was just wonderful — helpful, patient, creative, and responsive. It made my job so much easier. Thanks Stumps, Shep & Jacquie.


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