Create Walkways for a Grand Entrance at Your Event

Elegant-Wooden-BridgeWalkways are a great way to add some old-school style to your event. Use a decorative walkway to add a red carpet to the entrance of your event, or create a lovely accent around your venue.

Our red carpets and blue carpets are simple to use and can easily make each of your guests feel like a VIP. Accent the aisle runners with Red Rope Railing to add an awesome accent. The combination will transform your event’s entrance into a star-studded affair. The rope railing includes 3 feet long ropes and 3 ft 1 ½ in tall by 11 ½ in long stands.

If your event is Hollywood themed, select our Red Aisle Runner for a splendid way to create the classic Hollywood red-carpet entrance. The aisle runner is 3’ wide and 50′ long.

For a romantic or garden themed event, our Elegant Wooden Bridge (pictured above) adds a stunning accent to a walkway. The bridge is 6’1” long and 4’4” wide and holds up to 400 pounds. It’s a wonderful photo setting and looks beautiful surrounded by water patterned gossamer or tissue grass mats for an earthy feel.

You can create your own walkways with our flat paper too! Use cobblestone flat paper to create a garden trail and place grass mats on either side to accent the look. Our two-tone brick flat paper makes for a fun street look. Checkerboard flat paper can create a gorgeous ballroom look!

We have tons of other decorating ideas and event decorations to help you create an amazing event no matter what your budget or theme!

One response to “Create Walkways for a Grand Entrance at Your Event

  1. I have a christmas party come up and I tring to found a theme design. It’s a holiday ball. I want the design to look elegant. Can you help me?

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