Stumps Party Gives Music Tips with Top Prom Songs Since 1920


Stumps All That Jazz Decorations Kit

Music is a prom must-have. You can’t dance without it! Music can make or break your prom, so choosing the right prom song is an important decision. Stumps Party has compiled a list of the top prom songs since 1920 to help you choose the right theme song and music for your event. Stumps Party has been in the business of helping you create the perfect prom since 1926, supplying decorations and personalized favors for 8 out of 10 American high schools each year. Proms are our passion and we want to help you create the perfect prom, right down to the music!

Looking through the list of prom songs and listening to samples can be a fun activity for your prom committee meetings. Look at all of the songs or choose a decade in order to find your prom’s theme song. Many of these songs are timeless pieces that students will still enjoy dancing to. You can even use this list to create a playlist for the DJ so that he or she has time to acquire them. A well-selected playlist of relevant songs adds an exciting and authentic feel to your prom.

You can also use the list to create a contest for students to win prom tickets. Generate a quiz asking students to match the prom song to the year it was most popular. Callenge students to match a lyric from the song to the song title. Choose the student with the most correct answers or enter all completed quizzes into a random drawing and award the winner with a pair of prom tickets, a restaurant gift certificate or other prom-related prizes! These activities will help students learn about prom traditions and get excited for their prom!

Whether you’re planning a 1920’s, 1950’s or other retro prom, this prom song list is a fantastic resource. Continue to build up your chosen prom theme through eye-catching publicity and unforgettable decorations. Create excitement with Stump Party customizable banners such as the 1920’s banner or the 50’s banner. Stumps Party has tons of decorations for these themes such as the All That Jazz decorations kit or our Rock Around the Clock decoration kit.

Music is just one important element of designing the perfect prom. Check out all of our Prom Planning Tips for more ideas and you can always contact us with your questions!

2 responses to “Stumps Party Gives Music Tips with Top Prom Songs Since 1920

  1. I was wondering if any schools close by Lumberton, MS have done Under The Sea Prom and do not any longer want their decorations or if they would let Lumberton High School borrow them? Thanks,

  2. Very cute and I love the sexy romanticism of this era!

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