Hit the Town with a City Theme Prom

Going to Town City Props

Going to Town City Props

A city theme prom is a fantastic, classy choice for your or event. Stumps Party has many city-themed decoration kits to set your event with metropolitan style. The Going to Town kit brings a cool, futuristic look to your evening! City props includes tons of beautiful decorations for your event: an arch, a tower, a skyscraper, a building, and a bridge.

Create a background for your theme by covering the back walls with purple gossamer. Create white gossamer “spotlights” by draping white gossamer from the ceiling to a diagonal down to the floor. Cover the floor with metallic black corrugated paper and add blue metallic floral sheeting for water.

Begin using your Going to Town kit by setting up the train arch. It makes a fantastic entrance to your event and it fits seamlessly into the look of the whole decorating kit. The arch is personalized and stands 11’ 2” high and 10’ 11” wide. Made from sturdy cardboard, the arch features a railway train sitting on two pillars and is accented with twinkle lights. Guests will love taking commemorative photos under this arch!

Next add the building (14’ 2” x 7’ 2”), the tower (14’ 3” x 9’ 5”) and the skyscraper (13’ x 3’ 10”) to create your city skyline. Each building is decorated with twinkle lights and adds dimension to the look and feel of your decorations.

Finish the kit off by adding the Going to Town bridge over the metallic background material river going through the center of your room. The bridge adds a great touch to the setting. It stands 14’ tall, 9’ 4” wide, and 5’ 8” deep. Accent the bridge with twinkle lights and vinyl twistees to form the cables. It makes a great focal point for your event!

After designing your prom decorations, choose invitations. Stumps Party invites come custom printed with your content and are a classic keepsake. For this theme, we suggest the city skyline custom invitation.

Send guests home with a beautiful photo album party favor to remember their prom with!

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