Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Prom

Personalized Prom Candy Bars Help To Raise 2010 Prom Funds

Personalized Prom Candy Bars Help To Raise 2010 Prom Funds

Yes, many schools are struggling to raise the funds to put together a memorable 2010 prom event. This is where a little fundraising creativity comes in! Beside Stumps new discount prom items, we’ve compiled some of the best prom 2010 fundraising ideas we are hearing about. Many can quickly increase your prom budget:

1. Morning Announcement Ads
If your school has a central P.A. system, ask your principal if you can sell ads to play during the morning announcements. These can be announcements from local community merchants, or anyone else with a message who’s willing to pay for the ad.

2. Balloon Bouquets
Here’s a way to show friends that you appreciate their friendship, and raise money for Prom at the same time. Arrange for helium-filled balloon bouquets to be delivered during homeroom for a fee.

3. Gift Wrap Table
This is a wonderful fundraiser to hold before the holidays. Set up tables with gift-wrap, ribbons, bows and all the trimmings. For a small fee, wrap gifts for students, parents and teachers. They’ll appreciate this time-saving treat, and you’ll love the profits!

4. Casino Night for Parents
Parents love to socialize, too! Arrange for a fun Casino Night in the school gym and sell tickets to parents. They can gamble for prizes donated by community members, or by students (e.g. one night of doing the dishes!).

5. Have a MORP
(That’s Prom spelled backwards!). Host a casual, dress-down “MORP” during the winter months to help raise money for Prom. You’ll cure the “winter blues” and raise money for Prom at the same time!

6. Drawing Contest
Each student pays an entry fee to draw a picture of his or her favorite teacher. The drawing that best resembles the intended teacher wins a prize! Get ready for some interesting abstracts!

7. Sports Highlight Video
Immortalize school victories and key plays with a special sports highlight video. Parents, students and alumni will all love reliving these nail-biting moments. Makes an awesome fundraiser!

8. Sports Raffle
Set up a raffle that includes your stadium’s special front-row seats, a “training camp” with the sports players or the cheerleaders, a session with the coach, and other sports-related items.

9. Dance Lessons
Ask the dance team or the cheerleading squad to share their knowledge with the rest of the students. Hold dance lessons in the school gym and raise money at the same time. Teach students how to line dance, break dance, do the salsa, swing dance, etc.

10. Talent Night
Everybody loves to show off, so set up a school Talent Night and ask students to sing, dance, tell jokes, or do whatever it is they do best! Sell tickets to students, parents and siblings – they’ll love this opportunity to see their family members struttin’ their stuff on the stage.

3 responses to “Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Prom

  1. Oh really? Thanks for the help on inspiring me. To motivate our school for some extra money.

  2. it is a very good website but could come up with some more different ideas to make it so you can raise enough money.

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