The Costs For Prom: Who Pays For What

Covering Prom CostsConfused about who pays the Prom bill? Wondering what the “rules” are for dividing expenses? Don’t break a sweat – we are here to help! Below is a general outline of who pays for what on your big high school prom night.

The Guy
• The Corsage.
By all means, this is a guy’s responsibility!
• Pre-Prom Dinner.
This is, of course, up to the male half of the duo.
• The Prom.
The guy buys the tickets, gets the tickets, holds the tickets and presents the tickets at the door! Any questions?

The Girl
• The Boutonniere.
This is her responsibility, including the choice of flower (a florist can help in this area). If possible, the boutonniere should coordinate with the guy’s tie or vest.
• Friday Night Dinner.
If you are doing a pre-pre-prom dinner on Friday night (or whenever), this is the girl’s responsibility.

• After Prom.
This is usually a “dutch treat” – that means you split it between the two of you. Of course, this can be up for discussion, but paying your own way is a fair and respectful way to ease your date’s wallet! It is also helpful if your school has favors for purchase rather than as part of the ticket cost.

There are other ways to divide the expenses, of course, but this is the most widely accepted arrangement. No matter how you divide the expenses, be considerate of your date’s opinions on the restaurant and other Prom-related activities – especially if he/she is the one paying!

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