Decorate Prom Tables for Dinner or a Banquet

Themed TablewareA beautiful, thematic dance venue isn’t just about the big decorations. It includes your tables. Don’t neglect them! Theme harmony and special touches delight party guests. Here are a few tips to ensure your tables will turn out as wonderful as the rest of the room!

Go with Gossamer
Gossamer is not just for large-area coverage like ceilings and walls. It makes great table decorations too. If you are using gossamer for other decorations, match your tables to it. Start by covering the table with one color of gossamer. Then, choose a different color from your theme palette – or a patterned gossamer — to make a table runner out of the 19” wide material.

Alternatively, you can use the 60” gossamer for table skirting. A “flat” skirt is fine, or you can bunch it a bit around the top. Secure the skirt with double-sided tape and trim the skirt to fit. To finish the look, create bows and swags around the edge of the table with 19” gossamer in the same or an accent color. Secure the swag with double-sided tape approximately every 12” and tape or pin a gossamer bow at the top of each swag.

Another idea is to save the swags and bows for dressing up the chairs! For bows, drape pieces of gossamer lengthwise over chair backs, pull both sides to the back of the chair and tie your bow. The length is up to you: go short, or let the ends touch (or pool on) the floor.

Break Out the Spray Paint
The array of spray paint faux finish options has become truly amazing and they do not cost a lot. Choose metallic, marble, stone and sand finishes in a variety of colors. Try them on balloons, menu cards, dollar-store vases and frames, and other objects you wish to turn into unique centerpieces and favors. Faux can be fabulous!

Add an Easy Elegance
Adding an elegant flavor to centerpieces and place settings does not have to be expensive or difficult to execute. Here are a few easy tips for adding a touch of elegance to your tables.

  • Include imprinted, personalized napkins in plans for place settings.
  • Cut a garland to form napkin rings. Our Milky Way Garland, one of our ivy garlands with metallic stars, or even the barbed wire garland are great candidates for this project. A 1″ diameter is about right.

  • Bring back the romance of flickering candle light to your table settings without the worry. Stumps Party now has 4 styles of LED Light Candles!

  • Place gemstones in vases and bowls to anchor flowers and candles.

  • Check out Stumps Party’s event tableware pages for more options and inspiration!

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