DIY Dance Decorations for Undersea, Nautical and Beach-Related Themes

Water, water everywhere! So many dance themes contain water features that we’ve put together a few do-it-yourself decorating ideas for your next event.

Paint a Seascape
Draw upon the artistic talent in your own midst! If you envision an ocean horizon, sunset-at-the-beach scene or other large seascape, choose a wall and cover it with our affordable but tough seamless paper. Set the resident artist(s) loose with paints or chalk to create a unique and memorable mural!

Create an Undersea Adventure
Make waves with two or more shades of blue gossamer draped softly across the ceiling. Do waves meet beach in your scene? A gold mottled gossamer supplies an expanse of “sand.”

Build Your Own Tropical Island
A life-sized tropical island makes a great entrance and/or photo op for midnight cruise, luau, pirate and other tropical and nautical themes.

Start with an ocean of “water” using a blue metallic background or similar material covering your floor. Form your island with sand (real sand is great but if that’s not possible, simulate it with our gold gossamer). From there, add your own special touches such as a palm tree or two from our great selection, patches of green tissue grass, flowers and a few coconuts.

Feed Your Imagination
Spend a little time at Stumps Party Event Supply online store to check out water-related decorations and decorating materials from fountains to fabrics!

One response to “DIY Dance Decorations for Undersea, Nautical and Beach-Related Themes

  1. The tropical theme you have pictured here is awesome!

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