Great Dance Fundraisers? Tempt Them with Food & Drink!

As you get ready for the new school year and start thinking about planning dances and how to pay for them, keep in mind that fundraising by selling food and drink never goes out of style, even in a recession. Here are fundraisers that are sure to tempt the appetite.

Gourmet Dinner Night
Organize a special gourmet dinner in the school cafeteria for students, parents and alumni. Ask local restaurants to offer their food at a special discount. In exchange for this discount, print the name of the restaurant in the Homecoming program, or put up a large personalized banner with the restaurant name in the Prom program or school newsletter.

Everybody Loves Pizza
Check with local merchants and see if they will be willing to donate pizzas or give you a special discount on some of their scrumptious pies. Sell slices to hungry students at snack time, offer it at games, or have an all-school pizza luncheon. Either way, it’s a delicious way to make some money!

What’s Cooking?
Your school cookbook – that’s what’s cooking! Compile student recipes into one cookbook, and get ready to rake in the profits. Sell it to parents, community members and students. You’ll be surprised how many budding chefs you have in your midst!

Sunrise Doughnuts
There’s nothing more satisfying than an early-morning doughnut, so take advantage of this and sell them to hungry students and teachers! Those who skipped breakfast won’t mind paying a little more for this sweet treat, and you’ll earn lots of dollars in the process!

Gourmet Coffee Morning
The enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee could mean big dollars for you! Organize a gourmet coffee morning and greet students, faculty and staff with a steaming cup of Joe. Offer different gourmet flavors and serve up in a specially-created Cafe or Travel Mug.

Food Bazaar
Host a food bazaar just before a big football game. Each school club will have a booth set up in a designated area. Tailgaters will purchase food tickets from one booth and trade the tickets for food and treats they desire.

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