Customize Dance Décor with Balloons

We love decorating with balloons because they are easy to work with (indoors, at least!) and affordable. They are quite versatile in that you can make them a part of decorations large and small, and you can also count on matching your color scheme.

Mark the Occasion with Mylar Balloons
Mylar Balloons are just about the sassiest decorations around because they are festive almost by definition, they are thematic, they are colorful, and they are a great value due to all of the above, plus small price relative to size. Use small mylar balloons in centerpieces or laced to favor bags. Use the big ones behind refreshment tables, on photo op scenes, and attached to the tops of columns and balustrades for extra height and oomph.

Assemble Lovely Latex Balloon Arrangements

There are dozens of ways to use latex balloons, from bouquets to balloon drops. Be sure to check out the balloon kits at Stumps Party so you know what’s out there when it comes time to assemble arches, columns and other balloon structures.


Balloon Strands. Simply tie balloons along a length of string until the strand is the desired length. Then thread string lights along the strand for a reflective glow off the balloons.

Balloon Garlands. Dot glue from a hot glue gun to around the “o” part of the tied end of an inflated balloon. Press the glued end to the top of a second inflated balloon. Continue the process until you have a garland of the desired length. Use the garlands to frame entrances, windows, tables, stages, or any other area you want to dress up.

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