Classic Fundraising Activities

There’s something to be said for the classics! Here are successful fundraising activities used by generations of dance committees to earn money for their formal dance budgets.

School Basketball Tournament
Organize basketball teams with faculty members, staff members, students and cheerleaders. Set up a tournament and invite the whole school to come and watch for a small donation!

Bowling Night
Parents, students and friends all love to bowl-so why not cash in on this much-loved hobby? Organize teams and meet at your local bowling alley. Ask participants to contribute cash each time they bowl and watch the cash add up. You’ll have fun, too!

Dance the Night Away
Plan a 12- or 24-hour dance marathon in your school gym. Organize teams, and mandate that at least one team member must be dancing during the entire period of time. Have team members receive sponsors for the event. Provide music, snacks, drinks and lots of moral support for the teams.

Sell Spirit Items at Sports Events
Plan ahead and select a big game with a rival team. Purchase pom pons, stadium cups or a similar low cost school spirit items imprinted with your school name and mascot. Sell the items at a reasonable markup at games.

Tee Off for Dollars
You’ll find that many parents and other community members will be ready for a round of golf at just about any time, so a Golf Tournament to raise money for Prom is an easy and profitable venture!

Host an All Family Sock Hop
Get moms, dads, brothers, and sisters involved in a family night of fun. Keep preparation and set-up to a minimum; the idea here is to raise money. Rent a jukebox or simply hire a DJ. If you have someone in the school who likes to spin records, hire them for free. Get a popular teacher, coach or parent to act as the DJ. Sell rootbeer floats and ice cream desserts. Sponsor a dance contest and a best dressed family contest. Have a dance contest by age. Enjoy the night with the entire family.

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