Decorating Basics for Fabulous Photo Settings

In previous posts we’ve talked a lot about creating grand entrances and setting gorgeous tables. Today we’ll tackle another important space in the party room: the photo setting.

Your first step is to consider the setting as part of the total layout of the party room. Make sure that the photo setting is placed where the photographer’s lighting won’t have to compete with other lighting, such as stage spotlights or running lights, and a little out of the way of major traffic such as you find near refreshment tables.

Check this post for a great example of a party room layout.

When beginning photo set decorating, start as usual by covering walls with flat paper, polyvinyl, gossamer or curtains. Take care of the basic floor covering next. Depending on theme, it could be a plain paper or poly in one of your theme colors, or a pattern that suggests another time (such as a checkerboard pattern for a 50s theme) or material (flagstones or water, for example).

Select at least one large, fabulous theme decoration to define the photography space. This could be a mural backdrop, an arch, a bridge, a gate or decorative columns. From there, you may want to add a prop or two such as trees, lamp posts or theme-perfect standees or balloons, or further embellish your floor with something that adds texture and dimensionality, such as tissue grass, waving tendrils of “seaweed,” etc. It’s kind of a balancing act. You want enough in the setting to establish the theme but not so much that the setting will look cluttered or interfere with the people being the stars in the photos.

For more photo setting inspiration, we highly recommend shopping Stumps by Party Themes. Happy planning!

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