School Dance Shopping List

Are you a list maker? If not, we recommend trying to get into the habit, especially if having a bunch of tasks to do at once tends to stress you out. At any rate, we’ve come up with lists of people to book and items to purchase in advance of your next big dance. Feel free to print it out! Cross out what you don’t plan to use, and check off what you’ve accomplished. Trust us — it’s a great feeling to see those check marks adding up!

Dance Essentials from Stumps Party:
Background Materials (flat paper, poly vinyl rolls, etc.)
□ Balloons
□ Candles
□ Confetti
□ Curling Ribbon
□ Curtains
□ Decorating Accessories/Hardware/Tools
□ Glassware
□ Gossamer
□ Key Tags
□ Lights
□ Photo Backdrop Item(s)
□ Photo Favor Items
□ Royalty Items
□ Streamers
□ Tableware
□ Theme Kit

Other Dance Essentials:
□ Band or DJ
□ Caterer (or Catering Supplies)
□ Decoration Hardware (screw eyes, monofilament line, etc.)
□ Tools (staplers, screwdrivers, etc.)
□ Dance Location
□ Photographer

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