New For Prom 2011

It may seem like forever from now, but prom 2011 will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start visualizing themes, budgets, and the overall finished event. To start your committee’s planning with a bang, we’ve compiled what’s new for Prom 2011.

Fresh, 2011 Prom Themes
As you eye Stumps online catalog and our prom 2011 theme ideas notice the colors, styles, themes, and tips. We’ve left a few decorating ideas on each page for you.

Prom 2011 Event Themes Highlights

  • Stumps introduces trendy new decorations for prom 2011.
  • Buy hot, 2011 personalized, new invitations.
  • Give guests something to talk about at their tables. Buy prom 2011 new table decorations and centerpieces for do-it-yourself, budget-beating, decorating success.

Jazzy 2011 Event Theme Favors
Make your prom 2011 new party favors memorable. Stumps prom 2011 candle favors are poured in your school’s colors. We also like personalized pillows, and photo cubes.

Enjoy your upper classmen days this year, as you start to plan prom 2011. Share your hot, new, ideas with us!

One response to “New For Prom 2011

  1. I’ve ordered prom and homecoming gear from your company since I was in highschool. I love every new idea that Stump’s can come up with and how the kits are offered in pieces to fit every budget. You guys have great ideas and products, keep it up! Check my site out at to see what i’m up to!

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