Ideas for Holiday Fundraising Galas

The weather in many areas will soon be driving us indoors to party. In the case of holiday fundraising galas, part of the fun and excitement will arise from finding imaginative ways to bring the outdoors in, turn winter on its head, or simply make us forget the chill altogether!

Here are a few ideas to mull along with your cider.

Get out of town. Coax a warm breeze to your gala with a destination event to a warmer clime half a world away. Imagine an evening spent in tropical heaven! Make it a reality with Stump Party’s Magical Isle kit. The pleasurable island atmosphere will be so authentic that no one will want to leave.

Try black ties for size. Consider a sophisticated black tie theme event kit for a formal holiday fundraising gala or a New Year’s Eve celebration. Stumps Party gives you an impressive eleven different kits to achieve that black tie setting. For example, the A Mystical Evening kit exudes a sense of elegance and fun with dancing couple silhouettes and beaded chandeliers.

Host international guests of mystery. You can easily make your fundraising gala reflect a Masquerade theme with one of Stump Party’s four Masquerade kits. Select the Music of the Night kit to recreate the mystery and romance of the “Phantom of the Opera.” Select the Phantom’s Masquerade kit if you prefer a setting enhanced with rich red and gold tones. Heighten your guests’ masquerade experience by offering any of the six different styles of elegant masks to be worn throughout the evening.

Go with the snow. Sometimes, it’s best not to fight it! Find the beauty in snow-laden landscapes and bring them out of the cold with all of the components shown on our Magic in the Snow kit page. Fill the space with the simulation of a flurry of snow with silver foil snowflakes hung from the ceiling and bouquets of snowflake latex balloons floating in the air at varying lengths with the help of light blue or silver foil balloon weights.

Be sure to visit Stumps Party’s holiday event supply pages. Stumps is just the ticket for gala-planning enthusiasts!

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