Hit Fundraising Targets by Going Green

We appear to have accumulated a collection of fundraising ideas that are good for the planet. Who knew? Here are some ways for making an honest buck from ideas that re-use and recycle.

Plant Power
It’s a fact that many, many households accumulate plastic and clay plant pots they don’t need. Start a drive to pick up small, unwanted plant pots, which can be cleaned up and painted in all kinds of colors and textured paints — how about your school colors? Consult science teachers and discover which plants are economical, hearty and attractive. Plant seedlings in the reclaimed pots and sell them to parents and students. A sale just before the holidays would be good timing!

Recycle Aluminum Cans
Host an aluminum can recycling contest. Although prices fluctuate, recycling companies sometimes pay up to $.30 a pound for aluminum. Create collection bins from our tough and colorful corrugated paper, and place one bin in each homeroom. At the end of the contest, the winners will receive prizes donated by local merchants, and you’ll enjoy a relatively large profit with minimal investment.

Organize an “adopt-a-tree” program that gets the community involved with your school. Locate an area around your school or in a nearby park that looks sparse. Consult a landscaper on what trees would flourish in the area. Next, persuade a local garden shop to donate a few trees in exchange for a plaque advertising the generous donation. Have students plant and care for the trees. The trees will be “adopted” by community members who pay a fee to help in the upkeep. In exchange, a “parent” will have his or her name printed on a tag that is attached to a limb of each adopted tree.

Sell Stadium Cups
Stadium cups and other spirit drinkware can help cut down on paper and plastic waste if the program is done right. Implement a benefit package that will prompt students to purchase and re-use the cups. For example, you might work out a deal with the school cafeteria and a few local restaurants so that when a student presents the cup, he or she will receive a discount on a soda refill.

Toy and Book Drive
Collect gently used children’s books and toys to resell at a school flea market. Give parents plenty of time to clean out old closets and basements. A couple months should do, which also will give you time to work out a storage location. Allow two or more dates for dropping off the items. Send out numerous reminders – print it each week in your local school newsletter. Clean the toys and have a huge sale. Give part of the proceeds to a local charity and keep the rest for Prom. Or, keep all monetary proceeds and donate the leftover toys to a local children’s organization.

If you’ve found out how great it is to organize green fundraisers, let us know in comments. And if you haven’t yet, we at SpiritLine School Spirit Products wish you the best of success!

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