Thanksgiving Turkey Banquet Ideas

Decorating a large venue for a Thanksgiving banquet? Start with one impressive, festive wall piece as a photogenic backdrop to the main or speakers’ table. The Autumn background illustration is one backdrop that fills the bill and comes in six sizes to fit most any party space.

Echo some of the mural colors with long lengths of cranberry and brown gossamer laid back-to-back, slightly twisted and swagged so that both colors can be seen in the drapes along the wall. Punctuate with big bows made of same. Set a giant cornshock under the upward-facing “point” of each swag.

Cover some of the tables in the same brown gossamer and create runners and chair bows with the cranberry. Reverse the colors on every other table. Use a helium-filled, anchored Linky Leaf mylar balloon flying high as a centerpiece for each table, hiding the balloon weight in a Vivid Fall Leaves bowl under a “pile” of die cut leaves.

Place more of the Vivid Fall Leaves bowls on one end of each dining table to hold extra napkin-wrapped utensils.

Finish with place settings of gold event tableware and chocolate drop kisses dressed in autumn colored foils scattered here and there.

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