Spirit Marks Put the Fun in Fundraising

School Spirit Items If easier = more fun, it would be hard to find a way to pump up the dance budget that’s more fun than selling Spirit Marks temporary tattoos.

In fact, SpiritLine Team Spirit store has already outlined Spirit Mark basic fundraising plans for you! Check them out, and select the plan that suits your school and budget the best.

We’re sure you’ll be wowed at the SpiritLine selection, too. We have mascot marks, glow marks, glitter marks and a great new assortment of Eye Blacks™. Want something special? Use our Create-a-Spirit Mark service!

There are a lot of sales opportunities for these temporary tattoos, from school registration to pep rallies. Stock your school store and concession stand, and see if you can get permission to sell them in the cafeteria, too.

Also, be sure to check out the natural companions to Spirit Marks, such as glow accessories, face paints and other unique fan gear. You’ll be glad you did. Happy selling!

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