Royally Romantic Spring Weddings

You’ve found the perfect person and you are now planning the perfect wedding. Stumps Party is your event supplies destination to create the perfect romantic setting enhanced by all that is the essence of spring. Spring is all about fresh and pretty colors. The following decoration and accessories ensemble gives a fresh look that explodes with the budding colors of pink, white and green.

The exchanging of vows will never be forgotten when taking place underneath the luminescent canopy gazebo. Accent the canopy with string lights running through the columns and drapped around the canopy top. Incorporate color by wrapping premium tulle – pink and green gossamer around the columns and the canopy top. Add a backdrop to the gazebo by draping white gossamer all along the back of the gazebo itself or along the back wall. Next, drop two panels of pink gossamer and and two panels of green gossamer in front of the white gossamer. Add string lights to those panels. Swag one pink and one green gossamer panel to the left side of the gazebo and the other pink and green gossamer panels to the right side of the gazebo. Place a modern luminscent pedestal column with fabric choice near each of the pink and green gossamer swags at the back of the gazebo. Top the pedestal columns with pink rose bud centerpieces. Decorate the walkway up to the gazebo by hanging pink and green gossamer swags along the edges of the rows of chairs set up for your guests. Decorate the floor aound the gazebo with more gossamer. Add more romance to the space by hanging a mixture of 36″ oriental elegance lanternss and 24″ oriental stregch lanterns from the ceiling along the walkway and around the gazebo.

Though the ceremony is the focal point of the event, ceremonies are usually brief and guests spend most of their time at the reception. Recreate the romance and freshness of the ceremony decor with the same fabrics and decorative elements used around the gazebo. Cover the tables with a bottom layer of white gossamer illuminated with string lights arranged underneath the table. Drape swags of pink and green gossamer around the edge of the table. Place a pink rose bud centerpiece on each table on top of a square of green gossamer. Add a glow to the top of the tables with a mixture of 3″ tall a tea light height LED light candles. Save room for the romantic keepsake which continues to add to the glow of the table. Purchase some embassy royale glasses, clear classic elegance custom glasses and picard prom snifter glasses filled with tinted green water and an LED floating candle. These glasses stand at varying heights to add interest to the table. Imprint the glasses with your names, date of your wedding or with a romantic thought. Guests will be able to take these home as a momento of the special event. Finish the table with dinnerware layered in white, pink and green colors. Since the glasses are being used as table decoration, make sure to purchase plastic cups for beverages.

Above each table hang more oriental lanterns. Introduce a celebratory element with lots of balloons. Purchase green pearl / pastel latex balloons, white pearl latex balloons and pink pearl latex balloons. Fill some with regular air so that they float around the floor and others with helium to be bunched bunch into bouquets. To emphasize the balloons, set up the bubble fountain and surround the base with more gossamer. Create definition to the reception area with additional luminescent square columns linked together with pink and green gossamer swags. For a special touch that honors the bride and groom, order a multi-photo banner which can be imprinted with photos of the happy couple as well as a congratulatory wish.

Weddings are an occasion worthy of an unforgettable setting. Stumps Party has the supplies you need to provide the perfect spring background for romance, ceremony and celebration.

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