Popular Christmas Formal Themes

Sometimes it can take some work to come up with a winner of a theme for a Christmas formal. Partly this is because there are just so many options to choose from! Grab inspiration from movies, books, songs or other sources out of popular culture. Another idea is to start with colors first: traditional red and green, candy colors, or the icy elegance of white, blue and silver?

Winter Wonderland. This theme celebrates the season by bringing an idyllic Northern winter scene inside. Think snow blankets and fir trees, icicles and a beautiful wintry outdoor photo mural for this Christmas formal theme.

A Christmas Carol. Based, of course, on the book of the same name, the idea here is to present a Victorian Christmas in downtown London or the warm and happy celebration of the Fezziwigs.

Rock & Roll Christmas. Combine Fifties event theme decorations with a Christmas tree and a few boughs of holly. Serve 1950s Christmas music classics along with the punch.

Snowflake Fantasy. This elegant Christmas formal theme is so popular, it has an entire Snowflake Fantasy decorating kit to fill demand.

White Christmas. This theme is ripe for 1940s-style movie theme event ideas such as making a Christmas backdrop into a movie set with camera and clapboards.

Sugar Plum Dreams or Candy Christmas. Think gingerbread houses and gumdrops.

Christmas in Camelot. Actually, castle themes of all sorts are perennial favorites as formal Christmas themes, whether it’s a medieval setting for the Knights of the Round table, or giving a nod to the season with a dreamy ice castle.

Hope these ideas help you in your Christmas formal theme selection!

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  1. i need formal theme letter


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