Warm Up To Winter With A Snowflake Fantasy Formal

Capture the beauty of fallen snow with a winter theme formal. A winter wonderland of crisp white and cool blues awaits everyone when the area is decorated with the Snowflake Fantasy decorating kit. This kit includes one giant snowflake arch, one lighted tree, one lighted elegance tree, one set of standing snowflakes, one set of snowflake fantasy columns and one Corex snowflake.

Create the backdrop by covering the walls with bright blue flat paper wbroken up by twinkle light strings in vertical lines spaced about four feet apart. In front of the backdrop set up the giant snowflake arch. This 10′ high by 12′ wide freestanding cardboard arch even includes twinkle lights. The arch can serve as the area for the presentation of royalty or the awarding of prizes. Add depth to the arch by surrounding it with both of the lighted trees. Add more trees to your order in order to place additional trees near the entrance and near the snack area. Give elegance to the props by wrapping metallic white gossamer around their bases.

Near the entrance area place the set of snowflake fantasy columns accented with iridescent and silver sparkle poweder and light blue gossamer. If there is more than one entrance/exit to the main area you can easily add another set of columns to your order. Balance out the snowflake found at the top of each column by placing the set of standing snowflakes and the Corex snowflake nearby. The Corex snowflake stands 4′ high and includes a light bulb for illumination. Spread out more metallic white gossamer under this area to continue the look of snow on the ground.

Draw people to the snack area with attractive table decor. Cover half of the tables with the metallic white gossamer used at the base of the props and the other half with light blue gossamer. For a color accent, place the blue snowflakes from the foil snowflake value pack on the white gossamer and the white snowflakes on the light blue glossamer. At the center of each table put the glitter snowflake centerpiece. For an added special touch, hang glitter snowflakes with ribbon from the ceiling right above each table. Finally, decorate the tables with a prom favor that each person will get to take home. In keeping with the winter and snowflake theme, Stumps Party suggests the small size prom night snow dome. A sea of silver stars and and custom one line imprint preserve your special photo in this dome.

Set the perfect winterland backdrop with the snow flurries room setter. Anchor the photo decor with another set of snowflake fantasy columns. Accessorize the column with an additional Corex snowflake and lighted trees. Cover the ground with a snow blanket accented with light blue gossamer wrapped around the base of the props.

Other items that can add to the charm of the snowflake fantasy evening are the following:
–  winter custom creation mint tins filled with wintergreen mints as contest prizes for last person able to name a song about snow,
–  winter snowflake banners to label different parts of the area and
–  cafe mug in silver for enjoying hot beverages once the cold really sets in.

Stumps Party’s Snowflake Fantasy decor provides the perfect setting for a winter formal that is both fun and elegant. We work hard so that your prom planning is easy. We value your comments. Let us know about your winter theme events.

2 responses to “Warm Up To Winter With A Snowflake Fantasy Formal

  1. We’ve got the perfect dress to go with this theme. Our bella blue prom dresses are an ice blue. Bella is a ball gown style dress perfect for a Prom/Snow Queen!

  2. So beautiful! This theme is lovely!

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