It’s Toga Time For The Casual Event!

Midsummer Night's Gareden kitWhen an event is the ability to shed your shoes, consider the Romans and sport a toga. Let us supply you with all that you need to bring the Roman period to our time. Stumps Party’s Midsummer Night’s Garden kit provides you with the basics for the main space and the Mediterranean kit provides the perfect backdrop for the photo op.

Create the focal point for the evening’s activities by arranging the kit’s trellis, pavillion and two garden benches in the center of the space. The Midsummer’s trellis consists of six 8′ columns adorned with gold accents supporting 4 timbers, from which green die-cut vines hang. Altogether the cardboard and corrugated structure is 9′ tall, 12′ wide and 12′ long. The Midsummer’s pavilion copies the trellis but consists of four 8′ columns and supports a 10′ circular top. If you would like to place the pavillion near the entrance you can easily purchase another trellis to help fill out the space where the original trellis might have been placed. For additional decor near the trellis use the kit’s two garden benches. These benches measure 19″ by 3′ and are made of corrugated paper. You could also use the bench as a place to put simple snacks or party favors.

Create a simple table decor by covering them with white vinyl tablecovers that can be accessorized with metallic gold or green die-cut vines. If your event is to be more formal then cover the vinyl with ivy gossamer accented with sparkle powder decorating accessory in green. The snacking area can be demarcated with LED curtain lights draped between additional columns wrapped in silky ivy vine garland.

For an authentic floor use the white brick patterned flat paper accentuated with patches of ivy gossamer. Cover any of the walls with ivy wall patterned flat paper. Use the same ivy gossamer as part of the wall covering by draping it along the wall. Portions of the gossamer can be hang down and gathered with silky ivy vine garland.

Create a corner spot where pictures can be taken using the Mediterranean kit. The Aegean archway serves as the central prop with the classical garden mural set up behind. Flank the archway with the two white ballustrades. Pedestals can be placed at the other end of the ballustrades or move them into the main space or near any used entrances. These props can all be adorned with silky ivy vine garland and treated with the same floor decor used around the trellis and pavillion.

Welcome guests to the event by decorating the walkway with hanging gardens columns. These columns have ferns draping from the top and echo the gold accents found on the trellis and pavillion of the kit. Adorn the walkways and entrances by draping its frame with more silky ivy vine garland.

Toga contests will certainly add decadent fun to the evening. Have a toga fashion show and have guests select prizes for the cheapest toga, the fanciest toga, the craziest toga and the most authentic toga. Have an olive eating contest. Purchase an array of different kinds of olives and set them out. Give each guest a sheet upon which one must correctly associate the names of the different varieties of olives with the olives set out on the table. You can even have a Roman Gods contest. Hand out a sheet with the names of the Roman Gods as well as the power / reputation of each God. The objective will be to match the power / reputation with the God. Winners will be given any one of Stumps Party’s different kinds of toga party wearables.

Create the perfect casual or formal space for your toga party with the help of Stumps Party. If you keepsakes and memory books are part of your planning for post prom favors be sure to check out our large selection of event supplies.

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