Heart Attack! Valentine Dance Decorating

Let’s jump start Valentine’s Day dance planning by brainstorming a few theme ideas and colors today! Choosing a theme, slogan and color scheme first will facilitate the rest of your decorating decisions.

Hearts and Roses. This would represent the more traditional Valentine’s Day dance with hearts and flowers. Suggested color schemes might tend toward monochromatic reds with a touch of silver, a fresh red with white, or a dramatic deep red and black. Browse Valentine’s Day event supplies for inspiration relating to traditional themes.

Sweets for the Sweet. A Candy Land event theme meshes deliciously with Valentine’s Day sweet surprises! You could opt for pastel pinks and lavender for a bit of old-fashioned goodness, or go bolder with hot pinks and purples.

Hollywood Romance. Add a few hearts to the stars where the red carpet meets the silver screen. Check out a Night in the Spotlight Hollywood Decorating kit and other fine Hollywood event theme kits to see if this is the theme for you.

Valentine’s Masquerade. You might get your fix of opulent strong reds and gold with a side of intrigue by going for a Phantom masquerade event. Bonus idea: ask guests to wear or carry something red for this event, such as a clutch purse, jewelry, or rose pinned to a lapel.

Into the Sunset. A Western theme is always fun and an “Into the Sunset” theme brings all the romance of the West to a Valentine’s Day dance. Pull the color palette for this theme from a Southwest Sunset Memories mural or Desert Evening mural instead of gingham, and start practicing those line dances!

One response to “Heart Attack! Valentine Dance Decorating

  1. Romantic and sweet 🙂

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