Put On A Presidential Banquet

Put on a banquet befitting a president with the help of Stumps Party. The key motifs for this patriotic banquet are stars and stripes exuding elegance, class and style. Just such an atmosphere assures that guests experience an enjoyable moment of regal and comfort as they enjoy great food and great conversation in an unforgettable setting. Create this atmosphere with the decorations and supplies suggested below to incorporate color, stars and stripes.

The first task at hand is to effectively advertise the banquet in order to produce sales of tickets if there be any. Begin with a few banners. Stumps Party’s create-a-banner offers you the flexibility to choose your colors, border design and words. You can easily find the right size of banner and material as we offer banners that can be used outdoors and indoors. Reach the individual with the use of invitations to be delivered by hand or mail. We suggest the create-an-invite whose features can mirror the choices of color, wording and images of the banners. If you are selling tickets to the event then select the create-ticket which can match all of your choices for the banners and invitations.

BANQUET ROOM – entrance
Embellish the entrance with the hanging star with fringe set. The set of two hanging stars are adorned with 3-D shimmer star cutouts and metallic fringe. A bubble fountain in white can be placed near the entrance. Add stripes and the red and blue color to the fountain by winding patriotic streamers among the balloons.

BANQUET ROOM – backdrop and floor
Begin creating your presidential space by first addressing the floor and back wall. Set the stage with patriotic elegance. Cover the back wall with stars and stripes patterned flat paper. Soften the edges of the flag backdrop and add depth to the space by hanging decorative fabrics from the ceiling with the use of the metal gossamer hanger with lights. Drape the hanger with metallic white gossamer, red gossamer and metallic blue gossamer. Cover the floor with red seamless paper decorating material.

The banquet is all about the food, its presentation and the tables. Stumps Party offers the supplies to enhance the possible offerings of gourmet hot dogs, exquisite cole slaw, apple pies and dry-ice root beer. Cover all of the tables with red and or blue vinyl covers. Choose the right size and shape by browsing all of Stumps Party tablecover offerings. Cover the vinyl with a sheer silver iridescent chiffon. Use the gossamer used around the backdrop to secure the chiffon to the table by tying the gossamer around the edge of the table top. For tabletop decorations make bouquets of red metallic latex balloons, blue metallic latex balloons and white pearl latex ballons anchored with the help of red and royal blue foil balloon weights. Add glow to some of the balloons with radiant LED balloon lights. Continue the color theme by sprinkling red and royal blue star confetti table decorations.

Prepare the space for the serving tables by placing eight or more premier columns linked together by draped gossamer used around the backdrop from column to column in front of the backdrop. Choose to have all of your columns 8′ tall or create interest by mixing column heights by including some of the 4′ columns. Place additional columns with gossamer draping around the room to add fullness to the space. The drapes will add the motif of stripes to the room. Continue the look of elegance around the serving tables by hanging a magnificent iridescent chandelier over the center. At the eating tables, incorporate a party favor into the table decor with the create-a-mint tin star. Place star floating candles in red or blue inside of each of the tins.

Celebrate our country in a patriotic, elegant and classy way with the wide array of products that can be combined in such a way as to create the look that fits your event. Let us know how you celebrate President’s Day or any other occasion where the greatness of our country is the main focus.

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