Add Drama To Any Event With These Table Setting Ideas

You’ve put a lot of time and attention to creating the perfect menu. Don’t let the food fall flat by neglecting the table settings. Follow these tips for a dramatic decor sure to satisfy the eye as much as the food satisfies the pallet.

The key elements to a dramatic look are texture, color and layering. Texture is achieved through the choice of fabrics and accessories – uniform textures provide a smooth elegance while contrasting textures heighten the level of interest. Color is achieved through selecting a color scheme such as monochromatic, complementary, metallic, warm, cool or accented neutral schemes. Layering is achieved through the combination of opaque, sheer and transparent fabrics as well as items placed below, around, on or above the table. The two tables described below exemplify how the incorporation of texture, color and layering come together to create a dramatic aesthetic to your tables.

For a dramatic table setting of glitz and glamour use mostly uniform textures with an accented metallic color scheme in minimal layers. Cover the table with silver metallic eyelash fabric. Layer the tablecover with a sheer fabric such as white gossamer cut to the shape of the table top with a 3″ overhang. Secure the gossamer with white gossamer streamers. Add drama to the table covering by drapping the sides ot the table top with dark blue liquid metallic fabric. Repeat these fabrics on the chairs by hanging a panel of the metallic eyelash fabric over the back of the chair and then a narrower panel of the white gossamer over that. Tie a sash of the dark blue metallic fabric around the back of the chair to secure the panels.

Accessorize the table top by scattering blue sparkle powder on the surface. Add soft drama with the Florentina votive vase. The transparent glassware keeps the look uncluttered while the suspended tea light adds glow to the table. Accentuate the centerpiece by surrounding the base with a blend of dark blue metallic shred and holographic shred silver. Add additional candles to the table with the evening dreams gel candle filled with your choice of gel color and optional imprinting. These add drama and can be given as keepsakes. For the dinnerware select a combination of dinner plates, desert plates, cutlery and napkins in silver, blues and clear colors. For a special touch, order custom holographic foil party napkins in dark blue imprinted with the event’s menu or program in silver. Add a final layer to your dramatic table by hanging a silver three tier chandelier over each table. Add string lights around the underneath of the table to notch the drama of the glitz and glam up one more level.

A dramatic look doesn’t always have to mean dramatic fabrics. This eye-catching table setting is achieved by contrasting highly textured burlap accented with other textures in black and ivory. Begin with an attractive floor cover such as the gold marble patterned corrugated paper. Cover the table with burlap fabric dramatized with an overlay of black shimmera and gold/silver mottled gossamer. Encircle the table’s edge with swags of black taffeta and string lights. At the center of the table top place a decorative bird cage centerpiece. Fill the cage with a burlap colored candle and ivory flowers. Wrap the base of the bird cage with black taffeta. Underneath the ivory and black colored tableware place a burlap placemat. To echo the wrought iron appearance of the centerpiece and add drama to the placement, create a frame for the placemat with a black wrought iron border At each place setting put black and/or ivory napkins wrapped in a burlap strap. Surround the table with black and white chairs with the backs covered in burlap and secured with a taffeta sash tied in a small bow with long, hanging ends.

Dramatic tables are fun to create and impressive to the guests. Stumps Party has all you need to create your look.

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