Create A Prom Wishlist

Get in on the cutting edge of prom planning by creating a prom wishlist! Now your prom planning committee can build a registry of all the items needed to produce a magnificent prom event. This process is easy, fun, and it works just like a bridal registry. Just shop for items and share the wishlist with your sponsors. Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose one of the prom event themes.
  • Check out all the amazing prom decorations and event supplies!
  • Compile a wishlist of all the supplies and decorations you can think of that will make this year’s prom an unforgettable evening for all.
  • Create a prom registry page by clicking on the wishlist checkmark.
  • Add the items that you complied on your wishlist.
  • Convert your wishlist to a prom registry.
  • Share your prom registry with sponsors.
  • Sponsors purchase registry items for your prom.
  • Start a wishlist for prom today and get the ball rolling toward a sensational event!

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