Roll With a Casino Prom Event

Viva Las Vegas! There’s no need to travel; Stumps Party can help you bring the excitement and glitter of Vegas to your prom.


The Viva Las Vegas kit contains everything you need to transform your venue into a sparkling casino. Begin with a Viva Las Vegas Arch, casino nights kitadd a set of Casino Nights signs, and a pair of Vegas Showgirls silhouettes. A Vegas roulette wheel rounds out the package and your guests will be ready to roll!


A giant Jackpot Background adds a casino feel to your venue. Rotating casino signs add glitter and glam – they are 4′ high and rotate from an included motor.

Cardboard slot machines are a must as you create your casino environment. Add interest to your floor or walls with giant playing cards. Scatter pairs of giant dice around the perimeter; roll with it!


A Las Vegas prom theme is easy to execute with Stumps Party. Spice up your entrance with a Roulette Arch, and accessorize with Lighted Dice Columns. No detail is too small, so Stumps also offers casino accessories such as playing card paper cutouts for table decor and slot machine centerpieces.

Exotic metallic palm trees add a touch of the outdoors to your Las Vegas atmosphere.

High Roller chips can be personalized to announce your prom in style; they look great alternated with casino ceiling danglers.

Enjoy your own unique Vegas prom, baby!

2 responses to “Roll With a Casino Prom Event

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  2. I think Red, Black and most the green is the perfect! Decorate your space with fake money, chips and cards. Turn on the lights and twinkly lights low bar to set the mood everywhere.

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