Romantic Spring Dances

Draw romantic inspiration for a spring dance from a palette of pastels, soft lighting and exotic locales.

Climb to a Castle in the Sky
Featured kit: Dream Come True kit

“Exit” a carriage and enter a dream world of blue-and-white accented with gold. Featuring a fairy-tale castle almost 15’ high, wide sweeping staircases and lighted gossamer windows, Dream Come True is a true show-stopper.

Board the Love Boat
Featured kit: Midnight Cruise Kit

A combination of clever backdrop and free-standing pieces give the illusion of a luxury cruise liner visiting an island far, far away.

Bring Your Passport
Featured kit: Springtime in Paris Complete Theme Kit

Paris’ nickname is “City of Light.” This kit pays homage to it with an illuminated Eiffel Tower, light-able columns and LED light curtains. Light and place the big tunnel for maximum dramatic impact, and choose the colors of fabric slips for the modern luminescent colums.

Stroll an Enchanting Garden
Featured kit: Midsummer Night’s Garden Kit

Trellis pieces on large columns create a garden reminiscent of ancient Greece. Festoon them with leaf garland or an ivy-patterned gossamer and see how beautifully they fill a large dance space.

Serenade the Stars
Featured kit: By the Light of the Moon kit

Add a few strings of twinkle lights to the huge tunnel and staircase. Nobody will be able to take their eyes off of it, and you’ll have built the perfect grand entrance, focal point and photo setting in one.

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