2012 After Prom Party Outfits

Selecting an outfit for the 2012 after prom party can be a challenge. You have already invested a lot of time on the perfect prom dress and now you want to look just as smashing after prom! The first thing you have to decide is whether you want another fancy dress, or something more casual, yet still dazzling. Here are a few things to consider:

You should pick your perfect after party outfit based on your after party venue. If your after party venue is being held somewhere elegant, then you might want to consider trading in your long prom dress for something short, fun, and flirty with bold, bright colors. Do no be afraid of bright colors, they are in and very fashionable. The key to the glam is making sure that your after party dress sparkles. Have fun, pick a dress that shimmers, and add some jewelry.

If you are not looking to change for the after party, then you might want to purchase a dress that is mid length with a nice strong high heel that will be appropriate for both venues.

Perhaps the after party venue is a bit more on the casual side. Keep in mind, it is still a glamorous night and you still want to be radiant, but comfortable. Try a dark pair of form fitting jeans, with a tall shimmering heel, and a sequenced tank. Think royal blues, bright yellows, sassy pink, sparkling silver, and classic black. Don’t stop there; add a bolero jacket, a cocktail ring, a string of jewels down your neck, and around your wrist.

Keep one thing in mind when you are putting your outfit together, you’re young. This is prom, have fun, it’s a celebration of your youth. No matter which outfit you decide to wear, have confidence and you will feel great!

2 responses to “2012 After Prom Party Outfits

  1. Good article, I didn’t have an after party, but I know how I feel after a formal event, and all I can think of is getting OUT of the that dress!

  2. do not wear a dress to an after party! wear something fun and something that fits the occasion if you are going to a party a suggest boots without heels or flats. maybe even a plaid button up or something casual like that.

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