Prom Tips for Guys

So you’re taking a girl to the prom!  Nervous, excited, and sweaty are all normal things for guys when they think about these events.  You want the night to go smoothly, which will only happen if you plan ahead.  DO NOT wait until the last minute to ask her out and make all of the plans, unless you like to be stressed out.  Impress your date and start the night off well by following these prom tips for guys:


Let your parents know that you are planning to go to the prom.   Prom costs money and you may need to ask them for help to cover some of the costs.  Save up your own money too!  Ask that special girl to the prom as soon as the event plans are announced at school.  She might need to ask her parents for permission. Don’t just walk up to her in the hall at school and ask her if she wants to go to prom. Be creative and think of a special way to ask her to the dance. This will give you more confidence, and make a prom proposal harder to turn down.


Once you are sure that you have a prom date, buy prom tickets the first week that they go on sale. Then remember to put the tickets in your suit pocket for the big night!


Yes guys, you need to dress up for prom night.  Get your date’s input about your attire.  Are you planning on wearing a tux, a suit, or something less traditional?  If you want to wear a tux, then you need to order a tux about a month in advance.  Tuxes cost between $50-$150, depending on the area you live in, the style of the tux, and the store that you choose.


Ask your date what color dress she plans to wear, so that you can coordinate the dress and the corsage.  Play it safe and buy your prom date a wrist corsage.  Wrist corsages can be worn with any style dress, including a strapless dress.  Go to a local florist and order it at least two weeks prior to the event.  A corsage is worn on the left wrist with the flower closest to your date, and the stem and ribbon going away from her body.


Will you pick her up in a limo, will you drive her, or will you carpool?  Reserve a limo a month in advance.  Figure out who will be going with you and make sure there is enough room.  If you are driving, get the car washed and clean out the interior.


Talk to your date ahead of time about restaurant choices and make reservations two weeks in advance if you can. Choose a nice restaurant with an upbeat atmosphere that is not too noisy to hold a conversation. On prom night at the restaurant after you are seated at the table, take your napkin and put it in your lap. The silverware can be confusing, so remember to always work from the outside in toward the plate.

Your prom date will be impressed with you if plan the night ahead of time, keep her in the loop, and treat her with respect. Be a gentleman and open doors for your date, let her walk in first, and pull out her chair for her at dinner. While you are on your date, mind your manners but be yourself and have fun too!

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