After-Prom Activity Ideas

Post- or after-prom parties have become quite popular as a way to keep prom fun going under supervision. They are casual events and activity-based. Just for fun we’ve also tied some after-party ideas to related prom themes.

Movie night. Arrange a movie theater showing just for your post-prom crowd. Narrow down movie selections to relate somehow to the Prom theme: Pirates of the Caribbean to follow a Treasure Bay theme, Some Like it Hot for a 1920s gangster theme, etc. Serve up lots of hot popcorn and bulk candies.

Dance party. Rent club space if you can. If you had a Hollywood theme, make the post-prom about Rock Stars. You might even re-use some of the decorations if logistics permit it: glitzy metallic curtains, spotlight cutouts, even the red carpet aisle runner!

House party. Some prom-goers’ families love to host post-prom house parties, especially if they have special features like pool tables, swimming pools, or space for a bonfire. Select a few decorations related to the prom theme but a more casual version, for example a beach party post-prom event following an underwater theme prom using surf shack decor.

Bowling party. A black tie event and a bowling party might not be polar opposites, but they’re close! Participants often don’t even change clothes first, finding it a hilarious tradition to bowl in their prom duds.

Carnival party. Hold this in an arcade, amusement park or a school gym. This is a very popular option and often run by PTAs and other parents’ groups no matter what the theme, but would be a nice complement to a casino theme prom.

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