Theme-Perfect Favors New for Prom 2011

Stumps Party has new designs for many of its popular event favors in time for prom this year. Be sure to check old favorite favors pages for new designs to fit your theme. Here’s a sampling:

  • If you are working with a Masquerade, Star or Casino theme this year, you are in luck when it comes to favors! These themes are enjoying new life as designs on bottle labels, coasters and lip balms.

  • Other additional designs on water bottle labels this year include Under the Sea and Paris event themes.

  • In the category of personalized candy bars and wrappers, we now have three additional designs for Hollywood themes.

  • Look for personalized coasters with Enchanted Forest, Wonderland, and Underwater themes as well as the abovementioned Star, Casino and Masquerade.

  • Cookie Tins now include Asian and City themes.

  • Two cute new Nautical theme frame favors have recently appeared. They’re called Lifesaver and Sandal. Frame Favors has also added elegant glitter star frames that are pretty versatile when it comes to theme.

  • The Carousel photo cube is new and would be a welcome favor for any event theme you can think of!

  • Have fun shopping for favors this year and check out new favor boxes, too!

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