Romantic Venice Prom Parties

There are at least three ways to bring the romance of Venice to your prom: the still waters of a canal in the evening, a mysterious Venetian masquerade, or a lush garden filled with Italian antiquities. Select one pathway to romance, or combine two or all three approaches for a memorable Venice prom party.

Water Features
Of course, this is the most customary way to treat this theme. Start with a wonderful Venetian backdrop as the focal point to your scene. We have three for 2011! You can find a Venetian Canal Scene mural (shown in the photo), or a photorealistic Twilight in Venice or Venice at Night background illustration from our Venice Event Theme pages. Continue building a set where evening sky meets dark water that catches the light here and there using other background materials such as star- and water-patterned gossamers on walls and floor.

Masquerade Mystique
Keep your Venetian ambience in night or twilight colors, or change it up to include red for a more operatic style. Either way, apply gold accents to your Venetian décor and order Mystique masks, Masquerade Couple standees, and plenty of Black Elegance Abounds centerpiece candelabras from our Masquerade Theme collection for a Venetian-style masquerade themed prom party.

Roses & Ruins
Build a “park” within your Venetian setting with Premier Columns, die-cut vines, rose trees, benches and old-fashioned street lights from one of our fabulous garden theme party kits. Use the park as a conversation area, or create a photo setting under a gazebo from our Enchanted Garden kit with one of our wonderful fountains set just a teeny bit off-center in the scene.

No matter which direction you choose for a Romantic Venice prom party, consider the tradition of giving a single silk rose to each lady or couple – a thoughtful, romantic gesture and favor. Our silk rose with ribbon comes in both traditional and more exotic color choices so you’re sure to find the perfect bloom for the room.

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  1. Exotic and Romantic…very nice!

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