Practical Prom Favors They’ll Keep

Here’s a listing of our most practical prom favors that you can be sure recipients will be using and appreciating for some time to come — not shoving into drawers and forgetting.

Our CD-DVD cases are useful for transporting special mixes to the parties of the future.

Many of our clock favors not only keep you on time, but serve as photo memento holders as well.

We always appreciate coasters when we’re sipping cool drinks on warm days out of our glassware favors.

Consumables are the ultimate practical favors – especially if they’re sweet treats like cookies or mints in reusable containers.

Key tag favors are visible, daily, functional reminders of prom night, as are travel mugs and water bottles.

Money clip favors help you keep it together in style.

Look for extremely practical favors, such as compact mirrors and manicure sets that will last for years, in our unique favors catalog.

Of course, sometimes practicality is in the eye of the beholder. A beautiful candle favor, for instance, can do double duty as a prom table decoration and a treasured keepsake as well. What’s not practical about that? Be sure to shop all our event favors pages so you don’t miss the perfectly practical prom favors that best suit your event.

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