Hispanic Prom Celebrations & Fiesta Themes

The colors, energy, and warmth of a fiesta theme party can’t be beat. Whether you’re hosting a traditional, Hispanic prom, a Cinco de Mayo cultural celebration, or a fiesta themed party the beauty of your event will be unmatched with the following decoration & party ideas.

Hispanic Fiesta Invitations
Respect tradition. Elders used to write personalized invitations. Personalizing and embellishing the Celebrate Folded Invitation or other prom invitations with a multi-color fiesta theme graphic is a sensational way to start the fiesta with a bang!

Fiesta Room Decorations
Mexican flag colors of red, white and green are traditional, but the flag also contains a national coat of arms that contains gold, turquoise and even pink! If there are rules for a fiesta party color scheme, it’s either to place red and green against breezy white, or to dominate the color scheme with one or more warm colors (red, orange or yellow) for energy and dynamism, with cooler colors as contrasting accents.

Many fiesta decorations contain combinations of several colors. In order to really make the multi-colored decorations pop, you’ll want to set them against a more monochrome look. Examples:

Fiesta Tables
Cover a table in yellow or gold table cover, red table skirt and emerald green settings. Then, build a centerpiece with a big, colorful burro piñata mylar balloon and latex balloons filled with helium.

Fix the donkey mylar balloon to “stand” on a cloud of solid color latex balloons of a coordinating color, such as light blue or lime, being sure the ribbon ties are long enough all balloons will bob above the sight lines of seated guests. Thread the ribbons through a slit cut through the crown of a sombrero. Tie the ribbon ends to a balloon weight and slide the sombrero down to hide the weight.

If you are decorating several or many tables, alternate the colors of the coordinating latex balloons while keeping the rest of the table settings the same.

Fiesta Prom Favors
Giving gifts is a Hispanic tradition at many proms and celebrations. Theme your fiesta favors, prom favors, and trinkets. Sombreros, maracas, and personalized Cactus Stem goblets are perfect gifts for guests. Add bulk candy to everything and kids, as well as adults, will smile!

Hispanic Prom & Fiesta Celebration Activities
Your fiesta event theme comes to life easily with the help of large sets that you can use as backdrops to take digital photos of couples. Your decorating committee will enjoy transforming a float, cafeteria, gymnasium, or banquet hall into a Hispanic fiesta that embraces all communities!

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