Cool Rooms Highlight your Ocean Prom Theme

Create a giant splash for your prom with an underwater event theme. Design a variety of oceanic scenes using different rooms in your school for distinctive purposes.

Cruise Ship Lobby

Begin a romantic aquatic adventure in the lobby of your school with the fantastic voyage kit. This amazing kit features a Titanic lighted silhouette, a Southampton entrance and ramp, and sections of fencing with lights and life preservers. Take beautiful photographs at this cruise scene entrance way to remember the ocean journey of a life time. Bid your guests bon voyage as they enter the dock and delve deeper into their underwater prom experience.

Hawaiian Beach Cafeteria

Your guests will enjoy a stroll down to the Hawaiian beach set up in your cafeteria for a refreshing beverage served from a Tiki beach bar. The Tiki hut decorations are fun and practical for a juice bar or smoothie bar. Include some radical surf board decorations to inspire your guests to ride the waves! The luau insta-theme quickly and easily transforms your party space into a Hawaiian luau. Limbo lower now with a limbo kit and some hula music! Don’t forget to give everyone a lei, to get them in the luau frame of mind. Serve up appetizers, fruit, and other delicious finger foods on aloha dinner plates and tableware.

Sunken Treasure Gymnasium

Continue on a water escapade and dive into a gymnasium decorated with the depths of forever theme kit. This kit sets an atmosphere of a mysterious underwater expedition. The kit includes:

• 1 Depths of Forever Arch

• 1 Depths of Forever Ship

• 2 Depths of Forever Coral

• 1 Depths of Forever Anchor

• 1 School of Fish Standee

• 1 Depths of Forever Turtle

• 2 Depths of Forever Dolphins

• 1 Depths of Forever Ray

Dance the night away with these enchanting decorations at your next prom night. Make tablescapes a breeze with the midnight cruise table setting. This setting compliments and ties together all your decorations with an oceanic underwater theme.

Under the Sea Party Favors

Outside of the gym, place Poseidon’s paradise oyster next to a party favor table covered in blue iridescent chiffon fabric. Accent the table with giant shells filled with under the sea party favors for guests to take home to remember their magical ocean prom theme.

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  1. Isn’t “a tsunami of waves” a little insensitive considering what’s been going on in the world lately?!?

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