Maya Kalman Creates “Guest Focal Points”

Event Decorating Tips- Be Bold!

Swank Productions Specializes in Event Planning

Maya Kalman, award-winning event planner, CEO, and Founder of Swank Productions in New York casts an eagle’s eye to every detail.

With contagious enthusiasm, she bolsters brides, decorating committees, and event coordinators with encouragement. She knows limited budgets can squeeze options when decorating for events.  Committees often face decorating obstacles in large banquet facilities, yards, gymnasiums, and cafeterias.

Overcoming Event Decorating Obstacles With Focal Points

“I really like to create focal points within a room. You can work within your budget to accomplish this task. Think creatively. From the entrance, focus your guests’ eyes and attention to what you do want them to see. Tunnel them there.”

Decorating Essentials for Large Rooms & Venues

Kalman suggests using:

“Turn off the lights by bleachers or lockers and drape fabric from the ceiling. With the help of fake walls, props, or fringe you can block off unsightly areas and steer guests to tables and other locations that you’ve creatively decorated. Make those areas especially interesting.”

Large Rooms with Decorating “Pop

Event Backgrounds & Fabrics Create Fake Walls

Stumps Party sells large props, room setters, and other event decorations to help your committee decorate large event spaces.

With creativity, lighting, colors, and pop, your event will impress even the most discerning of guests.  Share your event decorating successes with us.  How did you overcome decorating obstacles in large venues?

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