Off to See the Wizard

Lions and tigers and bears? Oh my! Vicious beasts may not be the best idea for prom, but a venue decked out like Oz can make for a gorgeous and unforgettable night. Take your attendees to a magical place that can only come from the Wizard of Oz event theme.

Vibrant hues of green are a must for a recreation of the Emerald City. Welcome people to the city with a spectacular Emerald City Grand Entrance. Its towering castle doors will stop traffic and make for a perfect photo opportunity.

It’s all about the atmosphere when it comes to creating the famous Emerald City. Take their breath away with the Emerald City Stairway Background. The illusion of stairs leading to the Wizard of Oz can be the focal point of your event. Perfect for pictures and hiding areas of your venue you don’t want seen, this 9-foot-3 tall and 14-feet wide background will make your Emerald City come to life!

Anything goes in the home of the Wizard of Oz, which is what makes it such a special and magical place. Add your own personal touch to the place with different colored lanterns hanging from the ceiling. They can add romantic lighting to the venue and pops of color to the Emerald City. Not everything was green in Oz, so don’t be afraid to step away from your core color.

Another way to add color is on the tables. Gold goes beautifully with green. Cover tables in white, but add sparkles of green and gold confetti for added flare. Don’t forget the importance of ruby red- the color of Dorothy’s famous slippers. Make your food and beverage tables stand out by covering them in a red glitter taffeta fabric. No one will miss the location of the refreshments with a beautiful table covering that will sparkle just like Dorothy’s unforgettable shoes.

Just because the music may be modern, doesn’t mean the dance floor has to take away from the Wizard of Oz theme. Designate your dance space by surrounding it with the very road that led Dorothy to the Emerald City- the yellow brick road. Use the yellow brick road walkway to surround the dance floor. The bright yellow will attract attendees to the best part of the event- the dancing.

Remember your favorite part of the Wizard of Oz? Make it a part of your event! Whether it was the yellow brick road, the rainbow Dorothy sang about, or even the beautiful poppies that put Dorothy and her friends to sleep, you can make it a part of your Wizard of Oz themed party. Go all out and purchase an entire Wizard of Oz Kit, and you’ll have an Emerald City that would make the Wizard himself proud!

One response to “Off to See the Wizard

  1. Awesome theme! I can just see how cute this will be!

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