Enchanted Forest Prom

It’s where Snow White met her prince. It’s where Edward and Bella fell in love. It makes for the perfect theme for your prom- an enchanted forest. When done with the right decorations, an enchanted forest theme can be romantic and fun when done with elegance and grace.

Light the Way

Perfect lighting is key with a theme like Enchanted Forest, and there are multitudes of lighting options available. If candles are allowed, set up Black Forest Candle Stands around your venue. The metal leaves and clear beads are great for accentuating a walkway or illuminating an entrance. The candles give off a nice, softened glow.

What’s a forest without trees? These white lighted trees are seven feet high and will add dimension and beauty to your prom. They can serve not only as lighting, but as incredible scenery in the Enchanted Forest.

Table Decorations

After draping the tables in the gossamer color(s) of your choice, top half of them with the Ivory Decorative Birdcage Centerpiece. It has the look of a real birdcage and can hold either a tealight, votive or LED candle. Dress up the birdcage for your Enchanted Forest theme by adding greenery, flowers or miniature faux birds.

With the other half of the tables, top them in gossamer and then add the Black Forest Centerpiece. This metal candle holder is nearly 10 inches high and can be accessorized with moss or twig garland.

Photo Opportunities

While your Enchanted Forest prom is going to be breathtaking no matter where you look, it’s a good idea to have a focal point where people will want to take pictures. Use four chocolate luminescent square columns as the base for a gazebo. Top it with the gazebo metal topper and decorate with gossamer, ivy, garland and lights. Add color to the gazebo with elegant tissue butterflies, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful meeting place for prom goers who want the perfect backdrop for their pictures.

A Bit of Magic

No Enchanted Forest is complete without a touch of magic. These Fairy Berries will add sparkle to the event by flashing on and off, giving off the light of fireflies. They can be hung by the included hook or used in water.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Don’t send your guests home empty handed! Since they will be so impressed with the Enchanted Forest theme, they will surely be taking lots of pictures. As a parting gift, give attendees this Enchanted Forest Mod Frame. Have it personalized so they will remember the night for a lifetime!

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