St. Patrick’s Day School Event Ideas

Create a St. Patrick’s Day Event for Your School

Create a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day event to celebrate a green-spirited occasion.  Choose your venue and fill it with St. Patrick’s Day party decorations.  Set up a colorful, balloon arch to welcome attendees.  You can also place columns on either side of the balloon arch to add to the Irish atmosphere.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Balloon

Balloons are an important part of any party.  Of course, they’ll be everywhere at your St. Patrick’s Day party!  Create huge clusters of green and gold latex balloons with rainbow-shaped Mylar balloons at the center.  Position them in such a way that, when looking over the top of the rainbow balloon, your attendees see a leprechaun popping out of a pot of gold!  If they spot the lucky leprechaun, reward them with gold coins.  Make a game of it, whoever has the most gold coins at the end of the event gets a prize.

Shamrock-Shaped St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors

In addition to the traditional St. Patrick’s Day party favors (the hats, the glasses, and such) the hosts of the event could walk around wearing their St. Patrick’s Day antenna boppers.  You could also include personalized candy bars as great party favors.  Set up a photo corner, too, with a photo stand-in for guests to take pictures with.  Give them the picture as they leave the event and they’ll be sure to remember it for a long time.  Remember, St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be just about wearing green.  Create a fun party for your fellow students to help them relax after a long day of school.

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